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Infinite Spectrum Featured in Rock n’ Roll Industries Magazine!

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9/10 Star Review from

“Not only they accurately render Lovecraft’s story, but Infinite Spectrum knows damn well how to summon a horrific atmosphere. Masterly crafted… Majestic diversity where metal, experimental prog, calm passages, riffs…

Nice detailed review of Haunter of the Dark from Music Street Journal

“Their musical style can best be compared to the likes of Symphony X, Dream Theater and Circus Maximus, although with a much darker edge. They are the only Lovecraftian prog…

Great Review from ProgWereld!

Thank you for the sparkling review, ProgWereld! “Expressive, delicious melodies, catchy choruses, lingering guitar solos and floating keyboard performance.” Read the full review here.

8.5 star review from Metal Glory!

“Long and intricate songs are their specialty and they also play skillfully.  The band can rock and straight, showing that in a little reminiscent of Symphony X in “Fear”. It’s…

Peek-a-Boo gives “Haunter of the Dark” a stellar 9 out of 10 star Review.

“Infinite Spectrum surprised me because of its variety, the beautifully constructed concept album and its versatility… Infinite Spectrum presents an album that shows how a good prog rock album should sound…

Alex Raykin Posts Guitar Playthrough Video of “Haunter of the Dark”

Check out our guitarist Alex Raykin’s playthrough of the title track to our new album, “Haunter of the Dark,” on YouTube! You can find the full album here.

Interview with Metal Underground to Celebrate “Haunter of the Dark” Worldwide Album Release!

“Something wicked emerges from the church on Federal Hill as Infinite Spectrum takes a classic tale of cosmic horror and re-imagines it in a prog metal setting. Coming via Sensory…

Full Album “Haunter of the Dark” Streaming Now on Metal Underground

Click here to listen to the full “Haunter of the Dark” album at Metal Underground.   We’re only two days away now from the June 24th release for “Haunter Of The…

First Review for “Haunter Of The Dark” is in!

We’re very pleased to share the first review of our upcoming album, Haunter Of The Dark, from!   Infinite Spectrum’s Haunter Of The Dark is massive and engaging, and…

Katie Pachnos Posts Keyboard Playthrough Video of “Federal Hill”

Check out our keyboardist Katie Pachnos’ playthrough of the opening track, “Federal Hill,” on YouTube! Our new album Haunter Of The Dark is available for preorder from Sensory Records here.

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