Interview with Metal Underground to Celebrate “Haunter of the Dark” Worldwide Album Release!

Something wicked emerges from the church on Federal Hill as Infinite Spectrum takes a classic tale of cosmic horror and re-imagines it in a prog metal setting.

Coming via Sensory Records, we recently had the pleasure of premiering the full “Haunter Of The Dark” album along with a complete track-by-track breakdown.

Today we’re going even deeper into the mythos by checking in with band members Will Severin and Alex Repetti, who shine a light on just what is haunting the dark corners of their minds. Read on for a full synopsis on how this album came together, how the band will celebrate its release, and what’s coming next for Infinite Spectrum.

Bloody Disgusting Premieres Title Track “Haunter of the Dark”

With only 10 days to go until Sensory Records releases Haunter Of The Dark, awesome horror website, Bloody Disgusting, has premiered “Haunter of the Dark,” the title track of the album. Have a listen at this location!

Musically speaking, “Haunter” is one of the heavier tracks on the album. It’s a little unpredictable and the band’s prog influences are apparent. There’s a nice balance of heavy guitar-based tracks and more mood-oriented cuts on the record.

Our last recording Misguided was a dark concept album and we wanted to continue on that path, so when we were looking at source material for the new album our singer, Will Severin, steered us to Lovecraft. He’s a big fan and had even produced a feature film adaptation of The Thing on the Doorstep that was released last year. Lovecraft’s dark themes appealed to us and we liked that Lovecraft’s “Haunter of the Dark” is told from a single perspective and has a sci-fi element to it. We stayed very true to the story and worked to instill a sense of Lovecraft-ian atmosphere to the recording with regard to both lyrics and music.