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Haunter of the Dark is an epic concept album based on the tale by master of horror, H.P. Lovecraft.

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Infinite Spectrum plays with all of the technique and finesse that more experienced counterparts like Symphony X are known for, and in the pantheon of epic concept albums, this record will surely be remembered.
— Outburn Magazine - 9/10
Infinite Spectrum presents an album that shows how a good prog rock album should sound like: diverse, entertaining and surprising at times. For fans of Dream Theater, Transatlantic and The Flower Kings.
— Peek-a-Boo Magazine - 9/10
…a dose of dark prog that dips into the maddening waters of the Cthulhu mythos!
— Metal Underground


A tale of love lost, betrayal, revenge and redemption.

Infinite Spectrum's critically acclaimed debut concept album, MISGUIDED, is an 80 minute original dark fantasy told through four distinct perspectives.

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I really cannot say enough about this album and that it’s easily one of the best debut albums I’ve ever heard and if this still pretty unknown band gets anywhere near the recognition they deserve, Misguided could very well go down as one of the classic albums of melodic prog metal and certainly one of the best ever concept albums in the genre.
— Jeff Stevens of Prog Metal Zone

New York City-based progressive metal band Infinite Spectrum has garnered rave notices and struck a chord with prog rock fans the world over. Closing a three-year gap since their acclaimed 2013 debut album, MisguidedINFINITE SPECTRUM‘s Sensory Records debut, Haunter Of The Dark is a full-length concept recording based on the short story by master of horror, H. P. Lovecraft, with the band bringing the famed short story to life through ambitious compositions featuring an abundance of dynamic, virtuosic playing, and powerful, melodic vocals. Re-teaming with Grammy award-winning engineer Chris Theis to capture their signature sound, with Haunter Of The Dark, Infinite Spectrum has created a remarkable sonic journey for fans of prog both old and new. Combining theatrical elements with the progressive metal genre, the band has crafted their own brand of musical storytelling, which includes elements of radio-style drama for a uniquely cinematic listening experience. The music of Infinite Spectrum is eclectic, innovative, and experimental in nature, with influences such as Dream Theater, Symphony X, Steve Vai, and Neal Morse, as well as classic prog bands like Pink Floyd, Yes, and Rush. Their current line-up features Will Severin (vocals), Alex Raykin (guitar), Alex Repetti (bass), Greg Schwab (drums), and Katie Pachnos (keys).