Prog Magazine Premieres “Federal Hill”

With only a few weeks to go until Sensory Records releases Haunter Of The Dark, the talented team at Prog Magazine has premiered “Federal Hill,” the first track on our new album. Have a listen at this location!

Want to know more about the track? Here’s what we told Prog:

It’s a theatrical opening song for the album. We wanted to start things a bit softer and give a sense of character to our narrator through his artistic endeavors and occult interests before the story heads down the dark rabbit hole that Lovecraft devised.

Like Lovecraft’s story, our recording is told from a single point of view, that of protagonist Robert Harrison Blake. The track is really the calm before the storm and captures his sense of curiosity.

When we talked about the production of Federal Hill, we wanted to keep things fairly open in terms of sonic space. We bring in some retro instrumentation as a nod to some of our favorite classic prog groups.

There’s a mellotron line in there along with some vintage synth sounds and a few sections that have a more arranged feel, which develops later in the album. In addition to the softer, moody feel of a few songs like Federal Hill, the album also has plenty of heavy guitar-oriented tracks.

It has a bigger sound than our previous album and we think it’s a diverse and engaging album that hits hard and sticks with you. Musically speaking, there are a lot of influences the different members of the band bring to the table, so we think listeners will find a plenty of variety on the disc.

Metal Underground Premieres “Fear”

As our label Sensory Records works hard to prepare Haunter Of The Dark, our friends at Metal Underground have premiered “Fear,” the seventh track on our forthcoming album. Check out the song now at this location!

Here’s what Metal Underground had to say about the track:

Today we’re bringing you a dose of dark prog that dips into the maddening waters of the Cthulhu mythos!

Check out advance track “Fear” in the SoundCloud player below, and be sure to let us know what you think of the song.

This hard hitting track premiere from the NYC-based progressive metal band hails from upcoming Sensory Records release “Haunter of the Dark.”

Infinite Spectrum comments on the track: “We found that while ‘Fear’ worked in context of the Haunter story, it was also accessible as a stand alone track because the emotions it captures are universal. This track occurs about halfway through the new disc and it’s all about the abject fear that becomes a prison for our main character Robert Harrison Blake. Lyrically and musically ‘Fear’ moves the story forward and provides a hook to hang on to, but we think it also expresses the common feelings of anxiety and fear that everyone faces at one time or another in their lives.

“There are a lot of influences that the different members of the band bring to the table, so we think listeners will find a plenty of variety on the disc. Whether your a fan of heavier progressive metal, like Dream Theater/Symphony X or more of a classic prog fan of bands like Pink Floyd, you’ll find something to like. Of course, if you’re also a fan of Lovecraft it’s a perfect match.”

Haunter Of The Dark: Street Date, Trailer & Track Listing, and Artwork Revealed


In partnership with our label Sensory Records, a division of The Laser’s Edge Group, we are excited to reveal the street date, trailer, track listing, and artwork for our second album, Haunter of the Dark. 

INFINITE SPECTRUM’s soaring second album, Haunter Of The Dark, was engineered by Grammy award-winning engineer Chris Theis, and produced by Theis along with the band’s Will Severin, Alex Raykin and Alex Repetti. Boasting nearly seventy-one minutes of explosive prog metal, the record follows a ten-song storyline based on the H.P. Lovecraft short story of the same name, with extensive artwork by Claudio Bergamin fitted to the tale. A brand new trailer has been issued, sampling a tiny segment of multiple tracks on the record, and integrating the cover art into the visual preview.

Laser’s Edge metal division, Sensory Records, will release Haunter Of The Dark on June 24th, worldwide. Stand by for further audio samples, preorder links, INFINITE SPECTRUM tour dates and much more in the weeks ahead of the record’s unveiling.

Haunter Of The Dark Track Listing:
1. Prologue: Providence, Winter, 1934
2. Federal Hill
3. The Calling
4. The Church
I: Dark Whispers
II: Entry
III: The Ascent
IV: The Shining Trapezohedron
V: Spectres
5. The Stranger Things I’ve Learned
6. Haunter Of The Dark
7. Fear
8. All That We See
9. 2:12 AM
10. Epilogue: Providence, Summer, 1935

View INFINITE SPECTRUM’s extensive trailer for Haunter Of The Dark at THIS LOCATION.

Infinite Spectrum Signs With Sensory Records


We are extremely excited to announce that we have signed with metal label Sensory Records, a division of The Laser’s Edge Group, for our forthcoming album, Haunter of the Dark. Check out what they’re saying about us:

Three years since their 2013 debut album, Misguided, INFINITE SPECTRUM returns with their new epic concept recording, Haunter Of The Dark. Here, the outfit brings legendary master of horror H. P. Lovecraft’s short story to life through ambitious compositions featuring an abundance of dynamic, virtuosic playing, and powerful, melodic vocals. Re-teaming with Grammy award-winning engineer Chris Theis to capture their signature sound, Haunter Of The Dark is at turns hard-hitting, atmospheric, and cleverly crafted. The critically-acclaimed Misguided was just the beginning, and with Haunter Of The Dark INFINITE SPECTRUM has created a remarkable sonic journey for fans of prog both old and new.

Sensory will release Haunter Of The Dark during the Summer of 2016. An official street date, cover artwork, audio samples, and more on the album will be announced in the coming weeks.

More information can be found in the complete press release, courtesy of Earsplit Public relations, here.

Greg Schwab Visits NAMM 2016

Infinite Spectrum’s Greg Schwab took an awesome trip to Anaheim’s NAMM convention. Got to meet tons of awesome people and watch incredible performances from some of the world’s top musicians!